Announcing Raven's New Storefront: Design By Humans

Raven Amos
Raven's shop on Design By Humans

Raven just opened up a brand new storefront on Design By Humans! Many designs will probably be familiar to those of you who have checked out the Neatoshop and Redbubble storefronts, but there are some updated and reworked designs that will be exclusive to Design By Humans. The new storefront carries stickers and phone cases in addition to shirts and art prints. Check it out today!

Calligram of the Anatomy of a Tyrannosaur Skull

Calligraphy of the anatomical names of bones in the tyrannosaur skull.

Arguably, the two most prominent bones in the head of a Tyrannosaur are the dentary in the mandible and the jugal, just beneath the orbit where the eye resides. Sure, a case can be made for the nasal or the maxilla (from which, with the premaxilla, the top teeth erupt), but look at this image I made which proves that completely wrong.

No, in the tyrant “lizard,” the jugal and the dentary are King. And if you could separate them and weigh them, the dentary would likely be even kingier, out-kinging even the mighty jugal. But is that likely to be the case with all tyrannosaurids? All dinosaurs? All skulls? Let’s find out.

Available on shirts, mugs and other things in:



Calligraphy of the anatomical names of bones in the tyrannosaur skull, in color.


Two days' work of sweating out hand-lettering to make it legible and accurate. Worth it? I think so. But I made this, so I'm perhaps biased. 


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