Odds & Ends Art Show

Alice in Wonderland

Nanuqsaurus in the Garden of Ancient Plants.
A female Nanuqsaurus took a strange turn along the ancestral Colville River and finds herself feeling very small indeed among the towering giant plants of an ancient garden forgotten by time - a remnant of a warmer, wetter period of Alaska dominated by ferns, cycads, Bennettitales, dawn redwoods, and Ginkgoes, with interloping stands of flowering ginger plants as a reminder of the changing order of things.

Odds and Ends Art Show

The "Odds & Ends Art Show" continues a 9 year long tradition of artists Raven and Scott that spotlights current scientific understanding about ancient life with bright, imaginative reconstructions of both fossil elements and flesh and blood recreations of prehistoric animals and the environment in which they lived. Through their art, they seek to share their unique vision of deep time with the public, promoting science and a sense of wonder of the creatures that existed long ago.


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